Our bodies are truly amazing, if we take care of them we can live a long and relatively pain free life. The reality is that most people live busy stress filled lives. It's often difficult to find time to exercise, stretch, eat healthy, etc.. Many careers , activities, and hobbies require repeated actions or create a sedentary environment. Both can cause problems with the muscle and skeletal systems. Throw some stress on top of that and the body is bound to  have issues. Massage can do much more than help the body to relax. Massage can counteract much of the damage we do to it through neglect or miss use.

Your body heals best when in a state of relaxation and so much of the work done is with that principle in mind. Most session, regardless of modality being applied, are performed with an attempt to keep client in a state of relaxation. In my opinion "no pain no gain" is rarely necessary. Of course"therapeutic pain", that "hurts good" feeling is common when dealing with problematic areas.  To help facilitate the continuous relaxation state techniques are not rushed. Sessions are scheduled at least 30min apart allowing a few minutes over your session time if needed.

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